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W12AB-K00 | Bard 1.0 Ton Wall Mount AC | 11eer | 115 volts | No Heat

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The Bard Wall-Mount One Ton Air Conditioner is a self contained energy efficient heating and cooling system, which is designed to offer maximum indoor comfort at a minimal cost without using valuable indoor floor space or outside ground space. The One Ton is the ideal product for versatile applications such as: new construction, modular offices, school modernization, telecommunication structures, portable structures or correctional facilities. Factory or field installed accessories are available to meet specific job requirements.

Engineered Features:

Aluminum Finned Copper Coils Rifled tubing and enhanced louvered fin for maximum heat transfer and energy efficiency.

Quiet Twin Blowers: Designed to accept full ducted system or for non-ducted free blow installations.

High Efficiency Rotary Compressor R-410A Refrigerant:

Designed with R-410A (HFC) non-ozone depleting refrigerant in compliance with the Montreal protocol and 2010 EPA requirements.

Liquid Line Filter Drier: Standard on all units. Protects system against moisture.

Galvanized 20 Gauge Zinc Coated Steel Cabinet: Cleaned, rinsed, sealed and dried before the polyurethane primer is applied. The cabinet is handsomely finished with a baked on textured enamel, which allows it to withstand 1000 hours of salt spray tests per ASTM B117-03.

Electrical Components: Are easily accessible for routine inspection and maintenance through a right side, service panel opening. Circuit Breaker: Standard on 230/208 Models.

One Inch, Disposable Air Filter: Easily removed for replacement from the outside.
Optional two-inch pleated filter, factory or field installed.

Top Rain Flashing: Standard feature on all models.

Slope Top: Standard feature for water run-off.

Compressor Control Module: Standard on all units. Built-in off- delay timer adjustable from 30 seconds to 5-minutes. 2-minute on-delay if power interrupt. 120-second bypass for low pressure control, and both soft and manual lockouts for high and low pressure controls.

Alarm output for alarm relay.

High & Low Pressure Switches are Auto-Reset: Standard on all units. Built-in lockout circuit resets from the room thermostat. Provides commercial quality protection to the compressor.

Barometric Fresh Air Damper: Allows up to 100 CFM of fresh air.

Full Length Mounting Flanges: Built into cabinet for improved appearance and easy installation.

Optional Product Features:

Fully Modulating Economizer: Can be factory or field installed.

Commercial Room Ventilator: Can be factory or field installed.

Alarm Relay: Dry contacts for remote alarm on high or low pressure lockouts.

Low Ambient Cooling: Permits cooling down to 0°F Ambient Outdoor temps.  Field or factory installed option.

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