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Under New Ownership And Management Sept 2023 - Do Not Place New Orders Yet

Posted by on 6/30/2023 to News
Under New Ownership and Management September 2023

Venstar Back Orders

Posted by on 5/12/2023
Waiting for your Venstar thermostat order? Lots of you are. We apologize for the delay. Please be patient. The wait is finally almost over. The back orders are finally getting to us on not only small weekly shipments, but also on very large

Summer 2023 - Order Packing Delays [click here]

Posted by LM on 8/5/2022 to News
The summer rush is here and every one of you is needing your equipment faster than everyone else. Usually we can do rushes and make some orders priority. But with every order now asking for priority to get ahead of everyone else, we

Inverter Heat Pumps With High Velocity Systems

Posted by KS on 7/19/2022 to News
Inverter Heat Pumps Using EEV (electronic expansion valve) metering and High Velocity systems.

2022 Price Increases

Posted by KS on 4/19/2022 to News
Factors Affecting Price Increases

SpacePak Delays April 2022

Posted by KS on 4/1/2022 to News
SpacePak Delays April 2022

Damaged or Missing Items On Freight Delivery?

Posted by KS on 11/18/2021 to News
Important information for anyone getting equipment delivered by freight carrier.

Please Be Patient! Summer 2021 [click here]

Posted by KS on 6/30/2021 to News
The summer rush is here and every one of you is needing your equipment faster than everyone else... 

May-Aug 2020 Order Ship Delays [click here]

Posted by KS on 5/1/2020 to News
June - July - August 2019 Order Ship Times

COVID-19 Coronavirus [click here]

Posted by KS on 3/20/2020 to News
COVID-19 Coronavirus updates

Aqua Products Chillers - Shut Down Operations Too [click for more]

Posted by CT on 3/11/2019 to News
Aqua Products Chiller manufacturer has closed down....

Aerosys - Shut Down Operations? [click for more]

Posted by KS on 10/11/2018 to News
Has Aerosys Thru-Wall Unit Manufacturer Shut Down It's Operations?

Autumn 2018 China Tariffs Price Increases [click here]

Posted by ZS on 9/8/2018 to News
The Autumn 2018 Tariffs on items imported from China have increased prices.......

Summer Order Ship Times [click here]

Posted by KS on 6/20/2018 to News
June-July-August Order Ship Delays

Order Confirmation Email Glitch [click here]

Posted by CT on 1/20/2018 to News
Did you get an email on Saturday January 20 from us giving you an order status update, when you haven't ordered in a long time?

2018 Price Increases [click here]

Posted by KS on 12/14/2017 to News
2018 Price Increases.....

Order Fulfillment Times....(click here)

Posted by KS on 6/7/2017 to News
Spring/Summer Order Fulfillment Times.....

Order Confirmation Emails

Posted by CT on 1/5/2017 to News
Order confirmation emails are all bouncing back to us.

Don't Want Your Order?

Posted by CT on 12/21/2016 to News
Have you placed an order and now decided for one reason or another that you don't want/need it?

High Velocity Sale

Posted by ZS on 12/13/2016 to News
SpacePak and Unico End Of Year SALE

Server Issues

Posted by KS on 11/9/2016 to News
Site Reliability Issues

Wall Mount Units

Posted by CT on 10/25/2016 to News
Bard Wall Mount Units Now Available

Credit Cards - Fixed!

Posted by ZS on 9/28/2016 to News
Credit Cards Now Able To Run Again!

New Mini-Splits

Posted by ZS on 9/16/2016 to News
New Mini-Splits Added To Our Line-Up