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2022 Price Increases

Posted by KS on 4/19/2022 to News
Factors Affecting Price Increases

SpacePak Delays April 2022

Posted by KS on 4/1/2022 to News
SpacePak Delays April 2022

Damaged or Missing Items On Freight Delivery?

Posted by KS on 11/18/2021 to News
Important information for anyone getting equipment delivered by freight carrier.

Please Be Patient! Summer 2021 [click here]

Posted by KS on 6/30/2021 to News
The summer rush is here and every one of you is needing your equipment faster than everyone else... 

May-Aug 2020 Order Ship Delays [click here]

Posted by KS on 5/1/2020 to News
June - July - August 2019 Order Ship Times

COVID-19 Coronavirus [click here]

Posted by KS on 3/20/2020 to News
COVID-19 Coronavirus updates

Aqua Products Chillers - Shut Down Operations Too [click for more]

Posted by CT on 3/11/2019 to News
Aqua Products Chiller manufacturer has closed down....

Aerosys - Shut Down Operations? [click for more]

Posted by KS on 10/11/2018 to News
Has Aerosys Thru-Wall Unit Manufacturer Shut Down It's Operations?

Autumn 2018 China Tariffs Price Increases [click here]

Posted by ZS on 9/8/2018 to News
The Autumn 2018 Tariffs on items imported from China have increased prices.......

Summer Order Ship Times [click here]

Posted by KS on 6/20/2018 to News
June-July-August Order Ship Delays

Order Confirmation Email Glitch [click here]

Posted by CT on 1/20/2018 to News
Did you get an email on Saturday January 20 from us giving you an order status update, when you haven't ordered in a long time?

2018 Price Increases [click here]

Posted by KS on 12/14/2017 to News
2018 Price Increases.....

Order Fulfillment Times....(click here)

Posted by KS on 6/7/2017 to News
Spring/Summer Order Fulfillment Times.....

Order Confirmation Emails

Posted by CT on 1/5/2017 to News
Order confirmation emails are all bouncing back to us.

Don't Want Your Order?

Posted by CT on 12/21/2016 to News
Have you placed an order and now decided for one reason or another that you don't want/need it?

High Velocity Sale

Posted by ZS on 12/13/2016 to News
SpacePak and Unico End Of Year SALE

Server Issues

Posted by KS on 11/9/2016 to News
Site Reliability Issues

Wall Mount Units

Posted by CT on 10/25/2016 to News
Bard Wall Mount Units Now Available

Credit Cards - Fixed!

Posted by ZS on 9/28/2016 to News
Credit Cards Now Able To Run Again!

New Mini-Splits

Posted by ZS on 9/16/2016 to News
New Mini-Splits Added To Our Line-Up