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Zoning high velocity systems can be a little challenging(except on the hi-velocity brand).

The Hi-Velocity HE-Z variable frequency drive blower modules are the only high velocity systems factory designed for zoning.  They have a built in pressure sensor and VFD regulator to adjust the blower speed to the proper level no matter how many of 1-4 zones are on.  Hi-Velocity also has their own add-on zone module (2-4 zones), so the items on this page wouldn't normally be used with the Hi-Velocity brand systems.  If you are doing zoning on your high velocity system be sure to look at Hi-Velocity brand's HE-Z VFD blower modules and their zoning add-on modules.  [learn more]

On the other hand, SpacePak we also zone all the time, but SpacePak systems do come with some adjustments that have to be made. On a SpacePak high velocity system you can safely have 2 or 3 zones. When we engineer a 2 or 3 zone system our engineer will group similarly used rooms together, so that you can enjoy energy savings and greater comfort.

Why the trade off? Well, typically we use between 6-7 high velocity outlets per ton in a single zone system. However, when we do a zoned system with SpacePak, we have to increase that number to 3.5-5 outlets per ton/per zone. That's so that you still have enough outlets to let the air out of the system and not have a back-up of air and pressure. So, this leads to a lot more outlets in a system than a 1-zone system has.  The use of blow-by on the zone dampers will let us reduce those outlet numbers a little.  Here is the equipment that we use to do zoning with high velocity systems.  Honeywell is our preferred brand of equipment, since you can adjust the minimum "off" damper position to allow blow-by to other zones.