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These "U" shaped window air conditioners are the best that we have used.  Its almost like having a mini-split but without having to do all the installation.  It's a little louder because the indoor and outdoor unit are smaller than mini-splits, but still amazingly quiet.  It allows you to still open the window its installed in when you want to while the AC stays in place.  It has security functions like window locks to prevent anyone from opening the window or breaking in.  When installed, the window is only open about 3 inches and that gap is filled on the sides with a very thick acoustic sound and weather blocking foam that you cut to fit on both sizes. 

Its very quiet both inside and outside.  Inverter variable speed compressor is quiet and maintains the set temperature perfectly.  Its Auto variable speed fan changes through many speeds gradually instead of just jumping between speeds.  Leave it on auto fan speed to take advantage of all the many fan speeds.  Of course you can control the fan speed manually too if you want to (low, medium, high).  Easy installation was quick to do and includes all the parts you will need to put it in.  The foams for sealing are included and there is an extra hardware pack with extra screws and hardware in case you lose any.  The wireless remote control is full function and has a back light and batteries are included.  There is also a free app to allow you to control or monitor however many of these you decide to use from anywhere.  You will need wi-fi at the location they are installed at for the AC to hook up to if you want that to work. 

Airflow is strong, but quiet.  Hands down the best window AC we have used and lived with.  We and other customers were able to avoid a multi-zone mini-split installation by using these instead and are very happy with their performance.  They are energy star rated and are very efficient and energy cost saving.

All models measure 19.17W x 21.97D x 13.46H.  22" wide minimum window, 36" wide maximum, 13.75" minimum height needed for proper installation.
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