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Venstar T1800/T3800 - Platinum Slimline Thermostat 3 Heat/2 Cool

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Part Number:T1800/T3800
T1800 - Platinum Slimline Thermostat 3 Heat/2 Cool

As of Jan 2022, the new model is T3800 and the pin locations are now different than the original, so the new baseplate will need to be installed so that the wiring and pins match up correctly.  It is no longer possible to just pull the front of the thermostat off and replace it while leaving the baseplate wired to the wall.  Only compatible with 2-wire remote sensors, NOT the 3-wire RS+5/RS1/RSGND versions.

7-Day Programmable 3-Heat, 2-Cool Thermostat is the mid-level Platinum series model that is compatible with a wide array of valuable accessories, including wired and wireless Remote Sensors and the Humidity Module for Humidification and Dehumidification control (see below). It features a backlit display and buttons along with a classically attractive, slim bright white design that looks great on any wall. For use with most Air Conditioning & Heating Systems including: 1 or 2 Stage Electric Cooling & 3 Stage Gas Heating, Heat Pump, Electric or Hydronic Heat.

Suggested Accessories
  • ACC0422 wall plate to cover extra large wall openings.
  • ACC0400 outdoor temperature sensor to see the outdoor temp from the convenience of your thermostat display!
  • ACC0410 Add-A-Wire let’s you control two pieces of equipment with one wire; great for installations requiring extra wires!
  • ACC0414RF and ACC0414REC indoor or outdoor wireless sensor and receiver make installation of a remote or outdoor sensor a snap!
  • T1119RF Add-A-Wireless Thermostat let’s you control your thermostat from anywhere in the home completely wirelessly!
  • ACC0433 Comfort Call to control your thermostat from any touch-tone phone, requires hard-wired phone line and can share control with regular phone and fax machines
  • ACC0431 IR Remote Control to adjust your thermostat from the couch, 33 feet-line of sight
  • ACC0401 Remote Sensor let’s you control to the temperature from a different room, or average the thermostat sensor and the remote together
  • ACC0430 Humidity Module upgrades the T1800 thermostat with Dehumidification and Humidification functions

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