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SpacePak - WCSP-4860JV - 45WCS4860JV0MC 4.0-5.0 Ton Vertical H2O Air Handler

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Part Number:WCSP-4860JV
The NEW WCS-JV series is a vertical water coil air handler, with ECM variable speed blower motor which can be used with a chiller or boiler plant to provide heating or cooling, or both. 6-Row Copper/Aluminum Fin Coil, Sweat Connections, 24 Volt Transformer, Insulated Cabinet, Float Switch, Integrated Control Board, Condensate Trap, Anti-Vibration Foam Strips, Mold Resistant Primary Drain Pan. The internal, or electric duct heater and an additional 2 row hot water coil can also be added as a second stage if required. This unit is also convertible to vertical discharge, but must still lay horizontal. 7/8 water in and out. Vertical ESP4860V requires 2 supply air discharge adapters.  MEA approval: MEA-119-85-E.

NOTE: The vertical 4860 units have 2 air discharges on the top.  You will need 2 supply air adapters.

Part Number: 45WCS4860JV0MC

  • Six-row copper/aluminum coil
  • ECM Variable Speed Blower Motor
  • Sweat-type connections
  • 24V transformer
  • Fan relay
  • Insulated cabinet
  • Float switch
  • Field convertible to vertical discharge
  • Condensate trap
  • Anti-vibration foam strips
  • Stainless steel primary drain pan
Model #: WCS4860JV0MA; Nom. Tons: 4 / 5; CFM @ 1.5" W.C: 1,150; F/L Amps: 3.6; Motor HP: 1; Water Conn. Inlet: 7/8"; Water Conn. Outlet: 3/8"; Width: 43"; Height: 33"; Depth: 16-1/8"; Wt. Lbs.: 171

SpacePak would like to take this opportunity to announce the release of our new J+ Air Handler Control Board. This board will be standard on our full line of DX and Hydronic Air handlers.
The J+ Control Board features:
• 2 Line Digital Display
• Easy Navigation with Four Button Control
• Displays Measured Static Pressure & Calculated CFM
• Constant Pressure & Constant Speed Modes Allows Multiple System Configurations
• Coil, Leaving Air & Hot Water Coil Temperature Sensors Allows for the Controlling of Fan On/Off Delay Features
• Condensate & Anti-frost Protection Logic
• Inputs Allowing IAQ Specific Fan Speeds
• Aux Contacts for Pumps, Relays, Fault Alarms etc.
• Easy System Zoning when Installed with Staged or Inverter Condensers
We invite you to watch the how-to video for a step-by-step guide on commissioning our new J+ Control Board. The video also highlights menu navigation, features, and functions. It will be a valuable resource for you to share with those in the field.
The current air handler model will change from an A series to a B series.
• For example: 45ESP2430JH4MA is now 45ESP2430JH4MB.

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