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SpacePak - ESP-2430JV - 2.0-2.5 Ton Vertical R410a Air Handler 45ESP2430JV4MC

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Part Number:ESP-2430JV

The NEW ESP-JV series is a vertical discharge fan coil unit with a DX coil that can be used as a heat-pump or cooling only unit. This model now has ECM variable speed blower motor.  For additional heating options, an electric duct heater can be added but the heater itself must be installed horizontally. For high efficiency, spacepak recommends using a 14 SEER or higher air-conditioner or heat-pump. Line set 3/8x7/8.

Part Number: 45ESP2430JV4MC

  • R410A refrigerant
  • ECM Variable Speed Blower Motor
  • Heat pump compatible
  • Six-row copper/aluminum evaporator coil
  • Sweat-type refrigerant connections
  • Factory installed TXV
  • Anti-frost control
  • 24V transformer
  • Fan relay
  • Insulated cabinet
  • Float switch
  • Condensate trap
  • Anti-vibration foam straps
  • Stainless steel primary drain pan
  • See ARI directory at www.ari.org for specific capacity and SEER
Model #: ESP2430JV4M; Nom. Tons: 2 / 2-1/2; CFM @ 1.5" W.C: 550; F/L Amps: 1.8; Motor HP: 1/3; Suction Conn.: 7/8"; Liquid Conn.: 3/8"; Width: 24"; Height: 34"; Depth: 16-1/8"; Wt. Lbs.: 134

SpacePak would like to take this opportunity to announce the release of our new J+ Air Handler Control Board. This board will be standard on our full line of DX and Hydronic Air handlers.
The J+ Control Board features:
• 2 Line Digital Display
• Easy Navigation with Four Button Control
• Displays Measured Static Pressure & Calculated CFM
• Constant Pressure & Constant Speed Modes Allows Multiple System Configurations
• Coil, Leaving Air & Hot Water Coil Temperature Sensors Allows for the Controlling of Fan On/Off Delay Features
• Condensate & Anti-frost Protection Logic
• Inputs Allowing IAQ Specific Fan Speeds
• Aux Contacts for Pumps, Relays, Fault Alarms etc.
• Easy System Zoning when Installed with Staged or Inverter Condensers
We invite you to watch the how-to video for a step-by-step guide on commissioning our new J+ Control Board. The video also highlights menu navigation, features, and functions. It will be a valuable resource for you to share with those in the field.
The current air handler model will change from an A series to a B series.
• For example: 45ESP2430JH4MA is now 45ESP2430JH4MB.

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