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S3005PWLUS | Nest 3rd Generation Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Wired, White

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Part Number:S3005PWLUS
  • Alerts your phone - Nest Protect sends a message to everyone in your family when there's a problem, or the batteries are low.
  • And you can hush false alarms with your phone
  • Tells you what and where - Nest Protect speaks up if there's smoke or carbon monoxide and tells you where it is, so you know what to do
  • Every second counts – The foam and particle board in today's homes makes fires burn faster.
  • Nest's Split-Spectrum Sensor looks for both fast-burning and slow-smoldering fires
  • Pathlight – Protect lights up as you walk underneath it, to light your way at night
  • Tests itself – You're supposed to test smoke alarms monthly. But 9 out of 10 people don't. So Nest Protect tests its sensors and batteries over 400 times a day
  • 10-year CO sensor lifetime

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