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These are mini-splits, not high velocity equipment.  While we do specialize in high velocity cooling and heating systems, there are some situations that we use mini-splits along with or instead of a high velocity system.  For example, in a garage, since you don't want to mix garage air with house air for risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.  Or, for a work-shop or detached part of the home.  Some customers even like to use a mini-split in the master bedroom, even with their high velocity system, so they don't have to cool or heat the entire home while sleeping.  Or, we have had a few customers put a mini-split in the master bedroom and hook that up to their generator.  So, in case of a power failure they have cooling and heating in their main sleeping room, since it's just awful trying to sleep on a hot, humid, or cold and freezing night with no power.

So, we do offer a select few mini-split systems as well.  We can also assist in engineering and helping select the proper mini-split systems for any size or budget project.  Our projects have included ones as simple as a too warm/too cold room all the way up to exquisite new construction multi-million dollar beach front residences on private islands in the Bahamas. 

We have an on-site systems engineer that can calculate the proper size system for your project.  Of course our engineering services are free of charge.

 If you dont feel like looking through our products, simply want some help and guidance or need the skills of our system designing engineer, just ask us for some help.  Either through our Live Chat System(button on the bottom right of your screen), email or phone or the contact form.

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