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IEC - E025-71481103 Fan Coil Relay Board

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Part Number:E025-71481103
Updated 09/18/2018:  If you are using one of these newer stats, E055-71520316, E055-71520317, E055-71520318, or E055-71520319, you can use the new model relay board E025-71481103

Please note that it must be used with one of those newer stats.  If you don't have one, you would have to purchase a new stat to go with the board.  If you'd like to provide the model and serial for your current fan coils, we can also send that on to IEC to confirm what will work now.   So, we are handling each relay board order case by case to be sure that we pair the correct relay board with the your thermostat.  Use the chat system, or email us your details so we can match you up correctly.

E025-71308201 has been replaced by the current model E025-71520303 which is what will be shipped.

Fan Coil Relay Board. Eliminates the requirements to install individual control relays for fan speeds and line voltage valves. Interface to either 3 fan speeds or 2 line voltage valves . Small footprint allows easy installation . Quick connect 1/4-in. male type crimp lugs for line voltage connections.

Carrier's HVAC Controls 33ZCRLYBRD fan coil relay board matches to low voltage fan coil thermostats to provide the line voltage control if low voltage terminals are not on your fan coil.

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