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Hi-Velocity HE-Z-100-H-220v 41010400100 3.5-5.0 Ton 220 Volt VFD Blower Module With Hot Water Coils 1-Zone

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HE-Z Series - Zoning Capable and Energy Efficient right out of the Box
High Performance Heating and Cooling
Energy Saving Products Ltd. presents the HE-Z Series of fan coils. This innovative product will feature our newly developed PSB (Pressure Sensing Board) motor controller which is pre-set for cooling, heating and re-circulation, but is field programmable providing an infinitely variable fan output. Zoning is simple as the VDC signal will vary dependent on system load, adjusting power input based on demand.  Fitting where others don't, the HE-Z series will become your ultimate choice in a multi-functional fan coil.

HE-Z Units come complete with powder coated insulated cabinet & fan, Variable Frequency Drive Motor, pre-wired circuit board and WEG Zoning Controls pre-installed. Packaged with one universal vent plate key. Heating (H) Units come with HWC water coils installed.

HE-Z Series Information
HE-Z Introduction Video
HE-Z Series Info Sheet
HE-Z Brochure w/ Specs
HE-Z Engineering Specs

HE-Z Series Design & Installation
 HE-Z Design Manual
HE-Z Installation Manual

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