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Hi-Velocity 20062010010 3" HE x 10' R4.2 Supply Tubing and Outlet ASSMBLD (2/box)

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Hi-Velocity Flexible Duct can be installed quickly and easily, delivering the air quietly with a sound absorbing inner core. The inner core is made of a double lamination of foil laminate and clear polyester film which is interlaced with a galvanized steel wire (.041) having a 3/4” pitch.

The core is wrapped with fiberglass insulation certified “GREENGUARD” having a coefficient of R4.2/R8.4 and is encapsulated by a metalized vapor barrier reinforced with fiberglass string.

Our HE duct has been designed as a direct alternative for two 2” flex duct used in the Hi-Velocity System.

No changes are required to fancoil selection and main plenum duct sizing.

e.g. 1 - 10’ length of HE duct is the equivalent of TWO 2” -10’ flex lengths.

ASSEMBLED TUBING = includes 10' or 15' of flexible duct as specified plus one foot, two Branch couplers attached, one Branch Take-Off with gasket assembly, one Rough-In Kit, one Rough-In Cap, One Plastic Vent Plate.

UNASSEMBLED = includes 25' of flexible duct and one UFD Kit (3 Branch Connector Tubes, 6 Branch Couplers and 6 Tie Wraps.  Perfect for extending the length of the assembled tubes.

Outside Diameters Of Flex Tube:
2" R4.2 = 4.5" (4 Pieces/Box)
2" R8.4 = 6.5" (2 Pieces/box)
3" HE R4.2 = 5.5" (2 Pieces/box)
3" HE R8.4 = 7.5" (1 Piece/box)

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