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Hi-Velocity 1.5-2.0 Ton HE-Z Fan Coil 2-Zone Add-On

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The HE-Z Zoning package,with multi-zone options, is available on our HE-Z Series Fan Coils. As stated by NRCan*, zoning can reduce energy consumption up to 50% with increased comfort.

The HE-Z Zoning package is designed for continuous circulation when the thermostat is satisfied, allowing for increased filtration and fresh-air make-up at all times. With the addition of adjustable dampers, by-pass can be adjusted for minimal circulation in all zones during demand times. With fan power consumption as low as 50 watts, the HE-Z Zoning package is the pinnacle in energy efficiency.

The Zone control logic that is used in the fan coil will support mixed modes of some zones being on cooling and others on heating.  It has a timer so if a zone is calling for heat and another is calling for cooling there is a 20 minute fixed timer of the opposing call.

Another words, if the thermostat is calling for heating in one zone and another for cooling the first call will run for 20 mins (or until satisfied) and then the unit will purge for 90 seconds and then run the opposing call until it is satisfied or for 20 mins if there is another opposing call from another zone.

 The Zoning Add-On package includes pre-wired zone panel and 2, 3 or 4 collars, each w/ power open/close dampers and actuators installed.  These are currently available pre-installed on our HE-Z Series Fan Coils.  Please order HE-Z fan coil unit from our Standard Price List, and add these multi-outlet tops to your order as a separate part.

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