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HE-Z-50-H-220v-Z3 ESP Hi-Velocity 1.5 to 2 Ton 220 Volt Blower Module with Hot Water Heat Coils and 3-Zones

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Part Number:HE-Z-50-H-220v-Z3
ESP Hi-Velocity 1.5 to 2 Ton 208-230 Volt Blower Module with Hot Water Heat Coils and 3-Zones (2) 8" and (1) 6" Collars For Hooking zone plenums to Has hot water heat coil installed for use with a boiler/tankless water heater The Zoning Add-On package includes pre-wired zone panel and 2, 3 or 4 collars, each w/ power open/close dampers and actuators pre-installed on our HE-Z fan coils. As stated by NRCan*, zoning can reduce energy consumption up to 50% with increased comfort. While some households are satisfied with a single zoned HVAC system, others struggle to find a way to balance out the uneven temperatures in their homes. The HE-Z Zoning fan coil can solve this problem by allowing the homeowner to customize different areas of their home to a comfortable temperature that suits their needs. Comes complete with Pre-Installed Zone Panel, Power Open/Close Dampers and Actuators Save time and money on field installation and materials Compatible with standard third party thermostats and smart thermostats HE-Z variable speed controls eliminate dump zones and minimize power draws Easy maintenance with all components in one accessible location Eliminate unsightly wiring and external controls

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