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FirstCo 30WHSC | 2.5-Ton 14 SEER Thru-Wall Condenser

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2.5-Ton 14 SEER 44"H x 27"W x 23"D Thru-Wall Condenser

First Co. is proud to introduce the ultra-efficient WHSC Series (Up to 14 SEER) Thru-the-Wall Condensing Units! By using the industry’s latest state-of-the art components, such as ECM Motors, high efficiency compressors, and enhanced coil technology, the WHSC Series condensing unit achieves up to 14.0 SEER when combined with First Co’s matching wall, ceiling, or closet type high efficiency air handlers. In addition, the condensing unit’s unique propeller-type fan blade operates at a slower speed and is much quieter than traditional squirrel cage-type blowers.
WHSC Features
• High efficiency ECM motor
• Unique cabinet design - unit side panels fit inside rather than outside the base pan to improve water containment on the sides of the cabinet
• High efficiency scroll or reciprocating R-410A compressor
• High pressure switch
• Propeller type fan with ECM motor - Moves more air over the condenser coil at lower operating watts than standard "squirrel cage" type blower
• Lower RPM fan motor - Much quieter operation
• Environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant - Factory charged for 15 feet or refrigerant piping
• Sloped base pan - Positive water drainage from the unit to the building exterior
• Plastic coated coil guard
• Cabinet has a durable, baked on powder coating

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