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Don't Want Your Order?

Posted by CT on 12/21/2016 to News
If so, please have the courtesy to email or call us and get a cancellation confirmation number.

Disputing your credit card charge without telling us first, denying shipments upon delivery attempt, or informing us of a cancellation after an order ships out and is enroute to you costs us a lot of time and money that can be saved and put to better use, if you just let someone here know that you wish to cancel your order.

It delays other customers' orders from being packed and raises prices for everyone. Please be courteous and inform us if you wish to cancel an order before we ship your order out. 

Most of all, please don't just dispute a credit card charge figuring that will cancel and order.  It makes us look bad to the merchant card processor and raises our processing rates, which we have to then in turn raise all prices to compensate for.  Plus, we sometimes don't get dispute notifications for weeks after they are done.