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Actual Room Temp and Set-Point Displayed
Actual Room Temp and Set-Point Displayed

Carrier 33CSCNACHP-FC | Non Programmable Fan Coil Thermostat

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·         2 or 4 pipe fan coils

·         (2) AA Battery or 24-volt fan coil powered

·         3 speed fan operation in 4-pipe set up, or 2-speed fan in 2-pipe setup

·         single or dual setpoint,

·          low or high temporary, or low level continuously lit display

·          English/Metric selection

·         Proportional integral control of heating and cooling stages

·         optional remote sensing and averaging

·          keypad lockout with passcode protection

·         24 volt hardwired, or (2) AA battery powered

·         settings are stored for an unlimited amount of time with power off

·         expanded backlit display features: mode / equipment status and optional outdoor temperature

·         hospitality mode can be set to display user set temperature instead of actual room temperature

·         random re-start

·          4-pipe fan coil/two-pipe heat only fan coil/two-pipe cool only fan coil/2-pipe auto fan coil selection

·          temp sensing can be done from the internal sensor, or a remote sensor, or it can average the two together.

·         Time-guard and cycle timer can be enabled or disabled

·         Dead band between heating and cooling can be set between 1 and 10 degrees

·         Temperature display can be calibrated up/down from 1 to 5 degrees

·         auto changeover can be enabled or disabled

·         Maximum cycles per hour 4,6, or 8 can be set

·         Outdoor air temp display when used can be calibrated up/down 1-5 degrees

·         Keypad Lockout Options: off, user can only access set points, or comlete lockout

·         Minimum cooling setpoint restriction

·         Maximum heating setpoint restriction

·         Display can be configured to show either the set point constantly in large digits, or the room temperature in large digits.

·         Compatible with the 33ZCRLYBRD and has a setting that can be switched on when used with that relay board.

·         5.1"L x 4.1"H x 1.1"D. White smooth plastic.


S1, S1 for remote sensor
G3 for High Speed Fan
Y1 for Water Valve
RC for 24 volts positive from cooling equipment (factory jumpered with RH)
RH for 24 volts positive from heating equipment (factory jumpered with RC)
W for electric heat
C for 24 volts negative (common)
G for Low Fan Speed
G2 for Medium Fan Speed

1-year limited warranty


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