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Carrier 33CS450-01 Commercial programmable thermostat

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Part Number:T4900
Commercial programmable thermostat
Previous model was 33CS250-01. 35° to 99°F setpoint range, 3 Configurable Outputs, Control up to 3 Heat & 2 Cool Stages, Backlit Display & Button Legends, Aux Heat Indicator, Dry Contact Equipped, Outdoor Sensor Ready with High/Low Readouts for the Day, Set Point Limiting, Economizer Control, Preoccupancy Fan Purge, Remote Averaging, Programmable Output, light activated occupied mode capable, control-to or monitor 2nd sensor, reheat capable, filter alert ready, drain pan clog alert ready, energy watch, smart fan. 1-year limited warranty included.

With these old Carrier models being discontinued.  We will send the current model Venstar T2900 which is identical in every way (looks, size, features and programming).  These Carrier models were made by Venstar and just had the Carrier logo put on them.  So, the current model we send you will be an exact fit replacement.

As of Jan 2022, the new model is T4900 and the pin locations are now different than the original, so the new baseplate will need to be installed so that the wiring and pins match up correctly.  It is no longer possible to just pull the front of the thermostat off and replace it while leaving the baseplate wired to the wall.  Only compatible with 2-wire remote sensors, NOT the 3-wire RS+5/RS1/RSGND versions.

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