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CX50 Chiltrix 3.5-Tons Cooling 5-Tons Heating Inverter Heat Pump Chiller

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The Worlds Most Efficient Air To Water Heat Pump CX34 Now Has a Big Brother

Introducing the All-New CX50

Using R-32 Refrigerant

cx50 air to water heat pump

4.8 Tons Heating (57,750 BTU)
COP 4.68
3.4 Tons Cooling (40,944 BTU)
IPLV   EER 21.2

AHRI certified chiller mark 550/590

UL 60335-2-40 / UL 60335-1-40 CSA C22.2 / SGS

TUV SCOP CertificationEuropean test A+++ SCOP 4.77

Chiltrix CX50 Has Europe's Highest Efficiency Rating! SCOP 4.55
Why does this matter here in the USA? Click for more >>>

Ultra-Efficient R32
CX50 Air-To-Water Heat Pump

3.5 Tons Cooling / 5 Tons Heating
IPLV Cooling 40,944 BTU EER 21.19
Heating 57,750 BTU COP 4.68 @W95/A47

CX50 uses the same award-winning technology as CX34. And, it has been optimized for heating performance while still beating every air to water heat pump in the industry (except the Chiltrix CX34) for cooling.