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Bard MC4002 Lead/Lag Controller - Controller No Alarms

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Bard MC4002 Lead/Lag Controller - Controller No Alarms

The MC4002 has 2 stages of cooling control available for each connected air conditioner. It is designed for systems with or without economizers and for systems with 2-stage or dual compressors. The 2nd stage available for each air conditioner permits complete and proper control when economizers are installed or when 2-stage or dual compressors are utilized. With the addition of a simple 2 wire humidity controller as an input signal, it can provide electric reheat dehumidification circuit. The controller can also be configured for use with heat pumps. (NOTE: The electric reheat dehumidification feature is not available when configured for heat pumps).The MC4002, either in basic form or when equipped with optional alarm relay boards, is a fully functional controller with unique configurable capability. The MC4002 can be ordered as a basic controller only or factory equipped with one of two variations of alarm boards with varying amounts of alarm capabilities to fit the user’s requirements. Ethernet communication option is also available.If only the base controller is initially installed, it can be easily upgraded by simple snap-in of the alarm relay board and plug-in of the communication cable to the main controller board. Form C dry contact alarm relays are used, offering both NO and NC switching to meet the user’s specific alarm protocol, providing complete flexibility to meet any user’s requirements. All alarm actuations are individually indicated on the controller front panel, along with indication for active stages of cooling or heating, and which unit is currently “lead”. A digital display indicates building temperature and is also used for all of the programming functions.


Electronic (non-mercury) design


Works with or without economizers

Dehumidification control option

Can be used with heat pumps

Alarm Boards:

Can be specified with or without alarm boards

Alarms boards can be added at any time

Alarm circuits can be NO or NC logic

Communication Board:

Ethernet remote access for all controller functions

Can be factory or field installed

IPV6 with SNMP traps

Ease of Installation:

Powered by 24V from A/C units

Phasing of 24V from units is not required

Durable metal enclosure adequately sized for ease

of conduit and wire installation

Certifications & Approvals:

Complies with FCC Rule 15, Subpart B, Class A

This ISM device also complies w/Canadian ICES-001

Complies with CE Standards EN55011/EN50081

and EN55024 for ISM Equipment, Class A

ETL Conforms to UL916 Standard for Energy

Management Equipment, Certified to CSA STD

C22.2 No. 205

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