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Aerosys has closed and is no longer making equipment. 

We suggest switching to our [NCP brand], which we have in stock as they make some of the same sizes that Aerosys did.  We can assist you in finding a comparable unit to the Aerosys you are looking for.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a 3, 4, or 5-ton model there are no replacements made by anyone. You will need to switch to using dual units.

The Aerosys P series 36"W x 19"H isn't available from Aerosys or any other manufacturer.  However, we have a custom made on-demand 36"x19" condenser available.  It is in its own category [click here].   This is a special custom order item, please allow 14-21 days to complete. 

The Aerosys H series 27"W x 44"H only has one replacement, which is the [FirstCo WHSC] series, which we can get for you.