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Posted by KS on 6/7/2017 to News
Please remember that even if an item shows in stock, it might take a few days for the order to go out.  Current Unico factory order packing times are 7 days and SpacePak is around 11 days.  That is just due to fulfillment times because of the volume of orders at this time.  We pack orders in the order they come in, so if there is a line ahead of you, it could take us some time to get your order pulled and packed and out the door.  Also, if it is a part order that comes from the factory, they treat orders the same way (first-come-first-served) no matter what the UPS speed you pick is. 

For example you might select UPS next day air on your order, but it might take the factory 3 days to get your order ready to go and at that point they will then use next day air as your UPS speed, but the processing time could take longer than the same day of the order. 

So, if your order is a HOT RUSH and is needed next day air, etc., please just let us know, so we can attempt to alter the position in line to speed things up for you.   No promises, but we will attempt to speed rush orders up, because no-heat and no-cool are emergency situations and require more attention.

Update 7/12/2017 - Too many requested rush orders at both the Unico and SpacePak factories have put an end to any line position adjusting.  All orders are now being processed in the order they come in with no exceptions, since its the only fair way to handle orders in this rush season.