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Hi-Velocity 30180200001 Bi-Flow Add-on for Heat Pump Applications

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Part Number:30180200001
Hi-Velocity 30180200001 Bi-Flow Add-on for Heat Pump Applications
1 or 2-stage 16 SEER+ Units
Inverter Variable Speed Heat Pumps Don't Need This

The Bi-Flow Receiver is designed for use with heat pump systems, up to 5 tons, and with any typical refrigerants. The receiver allows refrigerant a location to migrate to during the heating cycle, minimizing head pressures. During cooling mode, the receiver is empty, allowing the full refrigerant charge to be utilized for cooling.


The receiver is a horizontal tank with a pair of dip tubes extending to the bottom of the tank. These two tubes allow for liquid refrigerant to be drawn from the tank regardless of the direction of flow. For this reason, the receiver must be mounted so that the inlet/outlets of the tank come out of the top of the unit. Mounting brackets are located at the base of the unit for secure mounting. The receiver is to be located on the liquid line of the system, anywhere between the indoor and outdoor coils. As the unit is of a bi-flow design, it does not matter which end faces towards the indoor coil.


The inlet/outlet ports are constructed of steel and require the use of a 35-45% Silver Solder and Flux for brazing. The use of standard copper to copper solders may result in difficulty brazing and the potential for a failure at the weld. Ensure that the tank is protected from overheating while brazing and that any remaining flux is cleaned from the unit. If installing outdoors, ensure that the receiver is insulated and protected from the elements.


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