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COVID-19 Coronavirus [click here]

Posted by KS on 3/20/2020 to News
This COVID-19 coronavirus ordeal has certainly turned all of our lives upside down in the blink of an eye.

As it stands today, we are mostly business as usual.

  • Our hygiene protocols have been completely updated. We do not allow any public visitation, and you can enter the building by appointment only and only if not ill at all.
  • Our warehouse packing personnel must follow consistent hand-washing protocols, social distancing and understand that if any of them develop a symptom of any illness, they will stay at home and self-isolate and still get paid, so as not to encourage anyone sick to come to work.
  • We certainly want to do our part to stop this virus, but have decided not to shut down due to being an essential business.
  • Like everything recently, we are re-evaluating daily and basing our decisions on the recommendations of our governing bodies.
  • Shipping and transit times may be a little slower than usual since UPS and truck freight companies have their own high priority uses of their resources.  However, we will still do all we can do to make sure you receive your order as timely as possible.
  • Please keep yourself and your family safe and healthy!
  • We just hope that we all get back to normal daily life again as fast as possible!