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Aerosys - Shut Down Operations? [click for more]

Posted by KS on 10/11/2018 to News
Oct 2018 Update: We have heard rumors that Aerosys has shut down its operations.  We attempted to call them for verification several times, but their phones went unanswered during normal business hours. 

At first they were up to a 20-week lead time and not accepting any new orders, but now it seems they won't be producing equipment any longer.  If we learn different, we will post it here. 

We suggest switching to our [NCP brand], which we have in stock as they make some of the same sizes that Aerosys did.  We can assist you in finding a comparable unit to the Aerosys you are looking for.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a 3, 4, or 5-ton model there are no replacements made by anyone. You will need to switch to using dual units.

Also, the Aerosys P series 36"W x 19"H, you can either use the [NCP 30"W x 23"H] which is the closest size available, or we have a custom modified unit that is 36"W x 19"H.  Right now they are built on demand, but soon we will have a stock level on them.  Ask for details if you are interested.

The Aerosys H series 27"W x 44"H only has one replacement, which is the [FirstCo WHSC] series, which we can get for you.